Shaving comparison – Harry’s Razor cartridge vs Schick ST2 Disposal – cheap vs mid-priced blades

In this video we compare the shaving experience, and most importantly the closeness of the shave, between a Harry’s Razor which is available at big box stores for about $10 with cartridges costing about $2 a piece, vs the cheapest disposable razor I could get at my local grocery store, which was the Schick ST2 disposable razor that cost me $1.49 for a two pack.

There were noticeable differences in the how sturdy the razors felt in my hand, as well as the number of strokes, and the level of irritation felt on my skin after shaving.

Do you have a favorite razor? Let us know down below. Our next comparison will be a Gillette razor vs a six blade disposable razor found at my local dollar store.

The ultimate judge is my beautiful bride, and her opinion is the one that counts, as she has to cuddle up next to me.