How to properly quit your job.

In this episode of Dad Talks To Teens, we cover the steps to take to properly quit a job in order to be professional, appreciative, and leave on good terms.

I want to make this very clear…if you are quitting a job because of undo harassment or workplace violence, find safety first, leaving whenever feasible, and then channel your grievances through human resources or through management to have the issue dealt with. There is no place for harassment or violence in the work place, and protecting yourself is first and foremost deserving of your attention.

If you don’t want to watch the video, here are the steps I am recommending for leaving a position on your own terms.

1: Let your boss know first

2: Quit in person

3: Give two weeks notice

4: Submit a resignation letter.

5: Finish your work

6: Assist in training your replacement

7: Thank your good co-workers, leaders, managers, and mentors.

8: Don’t trash talk your former company.

Following these steps will keep relationships in place that may provide you with future opportunities. You don’t have to cross every bridge you come across, but you can’t cross one that you’ve burned down. Be well, be blessed, be loved…and have the BEST. DAY. EVER.