How to connect an external microphone to an iPhone

In this video, we cover how to connect an external microphone to your Apple iPhone that only has a lightning input adapter.

The parts we need are as follows: (Disclosure: the following links are affiliate links to Amazon, and I will receive a small portion of any sales that occur if you click through and buy)

  1. Lightning to headset adapter – I recommend this aftermarket adapter, a bit cheaper than the OEM –
  2. TRS to TRRS Adapter – My recommendation is the Rode SC4.
  3. External mic – Any mic is fine, in this video I am using the Rode Video Mic Pro (a bit expensive, $180 but mounts directly to a DSLR with a shoe as well as to a tripod) but I also use a giant squid omnidirectional lavalier/lapel microphone if I want to record just my voice on the go –

Have the best. day. ever.

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