Getting good quality recordings with a cheap mic

In this video we discuss recording audio with a cheap USB microphone such as a rock band/guitar hero microphone by Konami, and using audacity to amplify and equalize the sound to give a much better audio quality, proving once again that you don’t need expensive gear to get great results.

Audacity is available for download at

Before I started on youtube, I spent countless hours researching the best microphones for youtube, and I got overwhelmed, believing that I needed to invest thousands of dollars into gear in order to have a presentable channel to launch. What I discovered is that it isn’t necessarily the tool, it’s the person using it, and I want this video to help inspire other content creators to just begin, regardless of what tools they have available to them. I own a variety of mics from Blue, Rode, Shure, and a slew of others, and the one that gets the most use is a Samson, which is not expensive gear.

The microphone I used to demonstrate the recording and editing process was picked up at a thrift store for under $5, and are available on Amazon or Ebay for less than $12. Also be sure to check your local craigslist, facebook marketplace, and garage sales!

Let us know in the comments below what kind of questions you have, we want to serve our community the best that we can. Be well, be blessed, be loved…and have the Best. Day. Ever.

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