Dad Talks To Teens – How to prepare for and ace your job interview.

In this episode of Dad Talks To Teens we tackle the often terrifying prospect of a job interview, and give six tips to prepare for an interview. There can be a lot of uncertainty when it comes to landing the job you want, but you can maximize your chances of success by following our six simple steps of career interview preparation.

If you don’t want to watch the video, that’s okay too! Here are the six steps.

1. Dress appropriately, not just for the interview but in picking up your job application, dropping it off, and yes, the interview too.

2. Practice your introduction and greeting, including your eye contact and handshaking skills.

3. Prepare for common interview questions.

4. Research the job and the company you are applying for.

5. Practice your closing

6. Be on time.

Some bonus tips:

It’s often a good idea to bring a few copies of your resume with you, so you can reference it if there are any questions about your qualifications or experience.

Shine your shoes…this may seem like a little thing, because most people won’t notice if your shoes aren’t shined…but they will notice if you do.

Relax…a lot of the time the interviewer is trying to figure out if your face and attitude is one they can stand to deal with every day for the foreseeable future.

Realize that every interview, whether good or bad, builds experience and will make your next interview go even better. Prep for success and succeed, landing the job or career you want!

Be well, be blessed, be loved…and have the BEST. DAY. EVER.